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Relationship Marketing

Rhoann Ponseti

Welcome We hope you enjoy this quick overview of our philosophy, our people and a case study of one of our clients. We invite you to read, ask questions and talk to our references (available on request).

Rhoann Ponseti was born in Chicago, Illinois, the oldest of five daughters. She grew up in southern and northern California. She is a writer, creative director and strategic marketing consultant with nearly 30 years of experience in the graphics, advertising and marketing fields. She is a recognized leader in and speaker on the topic of database or relationship marketing—a marketing approach that recognizes the value of existing customers.

Ponseti & Partners, established in Santa Rosa in 1987, is one of a handful of advertising and marketing firms specializing in strategies and creative concept development for web-centric and database-managed relationship marketing programs. Ponseti & Partners has local, regional and national clients, including Red Wing Shoe Company of Red Wing, Minnesota, US West Small Business Division in Denver, Colorado, and numerous California companies.

Ms. Ponseti teaches that an existing customer is any business' most valuable asset and that a database is an invaluable tool for recognizing and rewarding customers as well as targeting likely prospects. Her personal expertise lies in two areas: strategic direction for data based information; and effective, creative approaches for reaching and talking to customers and prospects.

Ponseti & Partners is dedicated to serving clients who are committed to relationship marketing rather than what Ponseti calls “over-tried and no longer true” traditional advertising strategies. As a result, she is helping to pioneer what many industry experts and analysts forecast as marketing's next era.

Talk with her at rhoann@ponseti.com.

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